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My story with small white

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On the eve of last year's Tanabata,I walked in the streets lonely, watching the pairs of lovers, looking that belongs to Valentine rose, sitting in the coffee shop myself, looking so charming in the night and wanted to stay with a love of people around me.
Light rain outside, so good, don't want an umbrella I, looking up at the sky, marching pace with soft, Misty, saw a small dog wet sleeping on the street, pedestrians in the past without regard for it that sad look on face, why people can't see it look so sad? Appearing to be the owner abandoned it, I walked over and slowly squatted down, white skirts wet patched on the ground, like its body against the ground, covered with mud and water, I touch it, its probe into his head to see me, what is it his eyes wet? Heart knows, that's not rain.
I holded with it, like it also liked my arms, sleeping in my arms, I walked into seven-eleven, took a bottle of water, a bag of bread, a package of tissue, lost in cashier, cash register member saw dirty us, or mind, or disgust, who know, I only drunk in it that cute of sleep face .
Looked at the cell phone, at three o'clock in the morning, didn't want to go back to the cold quarters, holding it came to sitting on a stool near the Pearl River, and put it on my lap sleeping, it seemed to have never slept so warm, and I was sitting, watching the river sparkling and not part of any of my shine. A tear inadvertently fell, dropping its dirty little faces, the eyes blinked, soon woke up and licked my hand, seems to understand my heart. It knows me. That night, we just sat on the waterfront, we had a good night, drinking ,eating bread,having pleasure together.
Sky lighted up, I stood up, leaving the bread there to give it, I thought it's supposed to go home because it had its loved owner. And I'll go back to my cold quarters out of my day and night alone. Walked a few steps and found that skirt is what's holded back, turned my head and saw it was struggling my skirt with the teeth , keep me going, I squatted down again and touched cute face: "I have to go now, your master is looking for you? You miss sister acridine? "Watched its poor eye contact, I asked:" do you want to come back with me? "Found it had showed greatly smiley, seems to without it answered, I knew it was a abandoned of guy, like me.." good,, with sister back... "seems it can understand what I said , shaking with tail around me kept rotating, I also rotated up with it together happily, in a void street, as long as us, and that morning of breeze, rain.
Back to dormitories, I took a shower with it and found that it's cute, all white, so I gave it the name, "you can call white, later, you're the white of sister, sister will take care of you, but when I'm not at home, you have to take for sister watched. "It licked my face, tickle,I kept hiding, it kept chasing with me," small white, you cannot such, you cannot such, is itch,,, cannot... "we had a pleasant morning together, unconsciously, I had slept an afternoon, when waking up, opening eyes, found it was lying next to me, opening with eyes, seeing me, on so just see me. Watching the alarm clock, found has more than six o’clock ,",, small white, I put you hungry with me,? Wait, give you good. "Night, Cook a porridge, deliberately picked up a couple of bones and Cook, found eating taste like it, it's good ... Later, we just live ... So stay with me ...
Three months later, my work had been not stable, night made me very tired every day, but every day went back and saw that which is energetic waiting for me, boredom and loneliness moment had vanished, but we got very little time, and then, I'd quit work, ready to find a stable job. This paragraph time nothing money, after resigning, I had to move out from hostel of company, seeing with that demanding and stingy of boss, I thought I resigned is right, left company, to settle, I had to sojourn in a comparison alienated of relatives home, aunt home is small, but on live with her parents in-laws, her three kids, also has she couples, to live there, I gave her 500 block as my meal fee and refuge fee,, body only left so more than 400 more, and due to she has kids at home, Aunt has only made me put the white roof. Finding work is hard, constantly of online voted resume, sometimes goes out to buy some newspaper, ring about work, hit about phone and asked about, this had two weeks, I began daily two or three interview notifications, to province points money, I first surf Internet to check locations, if is far,then gave up, General at 11 o'clock in the morning around interview finished on have driver to another has a local interview, and noon only in squeeze of bus with several block bread.After daily interview finished, total thought more or less of performance have not too good, Problems due to my educational background and experience, where many are turned away.
  With desolate of mood returned to aunt home, usually is appetite are didn't, I total think aunt no to small free of, night I like putting meals to platform, with small white together eating, saw with it was hungry, eat quickly,also has us moonlight as in ground so desolate of figure, not consciously fell up has tears, see with outside each home each households of lights, what where will has we of happiness...
About a month later, I finally found a civilian in a company, little 1500 does not contain eat and live, but I think it would be the beginning of our happiness, in the second month, I got my first paid immediately from the aunt that had moved out, seems to be that they are happy ...I rent a insufficient ten square meters of small local next to company, more than 400, really of, landlords is landlords, without on outsider of exploitation, but, I lucky of is, we have a settled of local, here only good of is, has a little of balcony, daily morning sun are from that sun came in, has so day, I will let whole house can touch the sun!
On such I work in company probably six months, every morning, small white is like my alarm clock, like with its small hand put in my belly, by by, small white seems to grow up much, fertilizer white , really cute, every day I will say to it just see home,when I am back, every time can recognize my footstep sounds, in door urgent with flexible door, opening door at the moment, it-bashing to me, on like happiness to I-bashing, at night I like walking small white after meal, with moonlight, occasionally eat some snacks on the street, such a simple life.
Before you know it, a year faster than the little we, in the middle of the city, hard to articulate.
I think dogs happen when in my loneliness, is a gift of God to give me this treasure and hope that this happy day, forever ~ ~ ~ it's the story of me and the dogs, although it is a fictional, but you know, you know! Dedicated to every lonely striver, come on, let us track and the pursuit of happiness!

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