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Gambol Pet strives to be the leader of China's pet grain industry with science and technology and quality

Gambol's enterprise culture

"Caring for life, loving life" devotes itself to creating nutritious and suitable high-quality pet food, which is the unremitting pursuit of Gambol to make dogs and cats around the world live longer and healthier

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Founded in 2006

Process Technology

Processing technology

Strict control from source procurement to intelligent manufacturing, to create an international standard of efficient supply chain

Pet town

Pet Town

Gambol Pet Town integrates the three major functions of pet food industry tourism, pet leisure and entertainment services and pet industry innovation and cultivation. It is a well-known high-end pet food R&D and manufacturing base, a pet theme tourism destination, a place for pet fashion release and a place for pet Internet celebrities to punch cards.

Four themes

There are four theme areas planned: dog area, comprehensive display competition area, cat area and market sales area.

The key to build

It is a comprehensive industrial gathering area, including pet park, innovation and entrepreneurship incubation, professional competitions, high-end forums, famous cat and dog exhibition, cultural and creative industry development and other formats.


The user community

In accordance with human food safety and health standards and American standards, to provide international quality pet food and service, improve the quality and length of life of pets and pet lovers


Myfoodie is a dynamic young brand that is based on innovative technology and continues to provide innovative food for dogs and cats.


Fregat's full-price high-meat natural foods, up to 70% fresh meat, use fresh meat instead of meat flour, no preservatives added.


Wet nose selects fresh and delicious, and is picky to protect your pet.

K9 Natural started in New Zealand in 2006 and is committed to providing your dog with a quality combination of Natural nutrients.。

Feline Natural is based on science and guided by nature to create products suitable for your life style and your pet's life style.

Gambol Pet Group

Provide healthy food for your pet, take on the mission of making healthy pet food