Irradiation Center

The company has introduces two 10MeV/20kw high energy linear electron accelerators from China Institute of Atomic Energy,and is equipped with advanced automatic beam transmission system.each electron accelerator is equipped with X-ray conversion device with tantalum as the material,which greatly improves the penetration rate.our accelerator can monitor the irradiation dose of each processing unit,and automatically calibrate and count the unqualified products.the company has established a microbiology laboratory,physics laboratory and dosage laboratory with advanced testing methods to ensure the processing quality of products meets customer requirements and process terms of system certification, it has passed the German TUV international authoritative certification and passed the ISO9001 quality system certification,ISO13485 and healthcare products radiation sterilization standards EN552 and ISO11137 quality system certification.

Our aim is: efficient and win-win, star service.Adhering to the business philosophy of "quality first", we constantly explore and practice, develop and innovate, constantly improve irradiation processing technology and broaden the application field of irradiation technology, strengthen the construction of quality system, and escort the quality of customers' products。

Irradiation applications include:

Irradiation sterilization of medical equipment and supplies such as:medical disposable equipment,various containers in surgical operating rooms,medical consumables,Chinese and Western medicine)
Irradiation sterilization and preservation of livestock and poultry products such as:food jerky,marinated products,pet food
Irradiation sterilization and preservation of dried seafood such as:fish, shrimp,shellfish, sea vegetables
Irradiation sterilization and preservation of dehydrated food such as:dry food powder,dehydrated food,dehydrated vegetable package
Irradiation sterilization and preservation of frozen food such as:frozen packaged livestock and aquatic food,quick frozen food
Irradiation sterilization of biological products such as:plant extracts,chondroitin sulfate,pollen
Irradiation sterilization of sanitary products such as:toilet paper,sanitary napkins,diapers for children,elderly patients, condoms etc.
Modification of polymer materials such as:radiation cross-linked polyethylene,radiation heat shrinkable materials,radiation semiconductor modification etc.
Other application fields:inactivation of harmful organisms;inhibition of germination of garlic,onions,potatoes,ginger, etc.prolonging storage period;irradiating fresh fruits to preserve freshness and prolonging shelf life; irradiating agricultural products to reduce pest damage;gem improvement; irradiating cosmetics and toys sterilization;Irradiated crop breeding; Irradiated tobacco and alcohol alcoholization
Advantages of electron accelerator irradiation:

High efficiency:fast irradiation,short irradiation processing time
Flexible processing methods:can be both one-time large batch processing and small batch processing
Uniform absorbed dose:can ensure that the unevenness of absorbed dose of the product is less than 5%
Without any toxicity and residue,do not affect the original composition and quality of the product
Irradiate the product after packaging,do not remove the product packining during irradiation
No pollution to the environment,no radiation after shutdown,safe and reliable.there is no problem of gamma sources waste and waste pollution sources
Degrading aquatic products and residual chloramphenicol in bee products is a common and effective method at home and abroad.