Testing Center

Gambol Pet Grop In-house Lab is equipped with two sets of advanced American wates LC/MS instruments, one American ROMER microplate reader, more than 50 advanced auxiliary equipment such as UV spectrophotometer, biochemical incubator, and ultra-clean workbench etc.

Physical and chemical testing room:the physical and chemical testing room is divided into conventional physical and chemical testing and residue testing,conventional physical and chemical testing can analyze conventional nutrients: protein, fat, moisture, ash, fiber, calcium, and phosphorus.unconventional physical and chemical analysis, hydrogen peroxide, peroxide value, acid value, volatile base nitrogen, mixing uniformity, mycotoxins and other items detection, drug residues mainly detect 8 sulfa, enrofloxacin, tilimi More than 30 drug residues such as coxine, amantadine, chloramphenicol, melamine, nitrofuran, etc.the configuration of these personnel and equipment can meet the production needs and ensure the high quality of the products, so that the products from raw materials to finished products can meet the requirements of the US FDA for human food standards.

Microbiology Testing Laboratory:microorganisms mainly detect the total number of colonies, coliforms, Enterobacteriaceae, molds and yeasts and other hygienic quality indicator bacteria and Salmonella, Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli and other pathogenic bacteria. the sterile room is equipped with high efficiency air filters and ultraviolet lamps to dedust and sterilize the room, and the indoor cleanliness can reach more than 10,000 grades