Global vision, continuous innovation

Direct supply from the 9 major natural food origins, exported to 33 countries in Europe, America, Japan and South Korea

Gambol Pet Group was founded in 2006, mainly engaged in the research and development, production and sales of pet food, the main products include dog and cat staple food series, snack series and health care products series. The company always adheres to the concept of "global vision, continuous innovation" and is committed to producing nutritious and healthy pet food that consumers need.

In the process of cooperation with other pet food companies around the world, Guaibao Group has accumulated international advanced pet food processing technology, and has an international high-level independent research and development platform. The products include: dried chicken, duck, pork, mutton, fish and other pet snack series, pet wet food series based on meat and fruit and vegetable collocation, pet staple food series based on nutrition formula and natural food materials, a total of more than 1,300 varieties in three categories.

Myfoodie is a private brand of Gambol Pet Group, bearing the faith and vision of all Gambol people. Myfoodie always adheres to the high standard of natural and high-quality pet food in the world, and advocates the worldwide pet culture of love and companionship between people and pets. With its charming brand image and international standard product quality, Myfoodie sells well all over the country.!

For customers: in accordance with human food standards and American standards, to provide international quality of pet food and service, improve the quality and length of life of pets and pet lovers. For customers: to create profit space, share the achievements of enterprise development For employees: to create development space and share the achievements of enterprise development For shareholders: return the long-term interests of shareholders For the society: promote pet love culture, service social civilization progress

Honesty, humility, innovation and efficiency

Gambol's enterprise culture

"Caring for life, loving life" devotes itself to creating "nutritious and suitable" high-quality pet food, which is the unremitting pursuit of Gambol to make dogs and cats around the world live longer and healthier

Exports to 33 countries

Nine major ingredients in the world

Same line, same standard and same quality as international
Manufactured to human food standards
Science Center

Technology Center

Gambol strives to be the leader of China's pet grain industry with science and technology and quality. It has invested tens of millions to establish a modern testing center, equipped with more than 50 sets of equipment, such as Waters liquid mass analyzer, ROMER plate tester, FOSS near-infrared testing equipment, automatic Kjeldahl nitrogen analyzer, biochemical incubator and so on.

We have obtained certification

Implement system standard, quality management standardization